African Antelope Species

The African Antelope’s have alot of different species, below is a list of African Antelopes and all of the species that exist as far as Antelopes are concerned. It should be noted that all of them are mammals, and the list is in alphabetical order.

elandEland – This fascinating creature is currently the largest known African Antelope. It can mainly be found in the central, east, and southern areas of Africa. The Eland is an adaptable creature, and they can habitat in coastal plains, montane areas, as well as semi desert regions.

gerenukGerenuk – This particular African antelope resides in the Eastern region of Africa. The Gerenuk has characteristics of a giraffe, and carries the gimmick of being called the giraffe antelope, due to it’s obvious long neck, and long legs. What is interesting to note, is that the Gerenuk is not dependent of water, and thus it is able to habitat arid regions.

impalaImpala – This magnificent creature, looks and is sleek, and elegant. These creatures are known for their leeping ability, and they can easily clear three meters worth of obstacle, such as a fence.

klipspringerKlipspringer – This African Antelope resides in the Rocky hills of Africa, as well as the mountain areas, which contain an adequate amount of  food.

kuduKudu – As you can see from the photos of this African Antelope, the Kudu has a light brown to brownish orange coat color. The male Kudu’s usually have long horns that characteristically are spiraled.

lechweLechwe – The size of this African Antelope is medium. They also eat semi aquatic plants, which can be usually located on their habitat area. Where do they habitat? They habitat in floodplains.

nyalaNyala – The strange thing, if you can say that about this specie of the African Antelope, is that the male and female have different colors. This helps to identify them. The male is darker, while the female is of a red rustish color. However, both mammals do have white stripes going down their body.

sable antelopeSable Antelope
wildebeeste-blueWildebeeste blue

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    This is not even close to being a comprehensive list of African antelope species.