What is an African Antelope?

The African Antelopes are hoofed mammals. They belong to the Bovidae family. The species of antelopes themselves vary. But antelopes can be found mainly if Africa. Hence the term African Antelope.

The smallest antelope is the Royal Antelope, while the largest antelope known today, is the Elands.

The antelopes themselves live in a wide variety of habitats, most of the time though they are found in the forest. Although there are some species that have adapted to the mountainous areas. And believe it or not, there are species that live in the hot, such as the desert, and then there are some species that live in cold areas. And a few that are in swamp areas.

Sadly though, about 15 of the 90 total different antelope species are in the endangered list.

Where do Antelopes Reside?

Naturally they are located in Eurasia and Africa. But again they are mainly native to Africa. The antelopes that exist in the united states, are not native to the USA, or any of the Americas.

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